The Olive Trees

Here at Et Alia we have a passion for life and the spectacular olive trees in our lobby and restaurant have a combined aged of over 500 years!

In actual fact olive trees can live for thousands of years – there are many cases of olive trees growing for well over two thousand years, and even stories of a town in the Lebanon that claims to have living olive trees from 4000 BC.

Perhaps it is because they are so dependable, and their fruits so versatile, that olive trees have long been revered. “Extending someone an olive branch” is an ancient offering intended to mean peace, it’s quite possible that one of our beautiful, gnarly olive trees once grew a peace-extending olive branch that changed the course of history. :-)

Much as you’d expect, here at Et Alia we all LOVE olives! We don’t just foster the olive trees, we’ve become olive junkies – and that means olives with everything!

Olives for lunch, dinner and tea! Perhaps even breakfast!

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